How to Win the Super Bowl of Madden 18 (The defense is the most important thing)

Sure, you already have a great offense, I can win the Super Bowl! ERROR, you need to build your defense so that in the last quarter they do not turn around. To arm yourself to the teeth in defense, from the PAUSE or selection menu, press RB or R1 to go to the COACHING tab, then the DEFENSIVE AUDIBLES option.

How is your defensive template? Are they fast and corpulent? Or corpulent and technical? If it is the first option (OVR and SPD above 74) we recommend that you select the strategies 4-4 SPLIT and 4-3 WIDE 9. Once the window is taken off, pay special attention to those where the blue letters ZONE are shown, this will help your defensive reach cover the gaps and intercept the runners.

In the case where your defense is corpulent and technical (OVR and STR above 72) we recommend strategies 4-3 OVER and 4-3 OVER PLUS in the DEFENSIVE AUDIBLES menu. Pay special attention to the strategies with the red letters BLITZ. These strategies will strengthen the physical contact of your defenders in the attackers to prevent their advance and intercept the short passes. Of course, get good players for your team with Madden NFL 18 coins when you get these skills, cause you need both to win.

We are almost reaching the end of this mini guide. At the end, we will give you a summary of everything we teach them and we will see if the tips and tips were implemented. Remember that practice and perseverance are the key to success. So practice daily and don´t forget that we´ll see you in the game.