FIFA 20 – Controller Settings Shot and Cross Assistance

FIFA 20 has multiple controller settings that allow players to customize the way they play the game. Shot assistance is one of these settings. As the name suggests, this setting is about customizing the shots. It has three options: assisted, semi, and manual. Assisted is an option that is aimed at beginners and players that want a casual game experience. If this option is on, the football players will try to shoot in the direction of the opposite goal. Players will notice that difficult to reach zones of the goal can be easily reached when this option is enabled. Shot assistance assisted will aim the shots towards the goal but that doesn’t guarantee a score. In the end, a goal is a result of several factors such as the attributes of the player and other situational parameters. However, this option will be of great help. When the manual option is on, the game will not adjust the ball direction. The ball will go in the direction the player is aiming at. This is an option that is recommended for veteran players. It takes a certain level of skill to master this option but it allows players to take advantage of some great opportunities and to make amazing shots. The semi option gives you a little help. The player has to aim towards the goal but the game will make a slight directional adjustment that will increase the player’s chances of scoring.

Cross assistance is another controller setting. Just like the previous one, this too has three options: assisted, semi, and manual. Put on assisted and you will see that it’s not hard to target a teammate with cross direction. It doesn’t matter how long you hold the crossing button. The cross is normally targeted to the front or back post areas. When the manual option is on, you won’t be getting any help.

The player’s attributes are taken into account when determining the success of the action. It matters how long you hold the button so be careful. The direction is also important. The semi option helps you with the direction. You will get assistance with the direction but you will need to control the selection range manually. This is done with the crossing button. If you hold it down long, the cross will aim to go to the far post. As usual, the player’s attributes weight in as well. Try all the options and choose the one that feels the most comfortable.

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(Contributed by Reda)